Song Projects

This page is dedicated to showcasing all my original musical works, as well as bands I've been a member of.
I've played guitar and piano for nearly 30 years, and have been writing music for nearly as long. I have little to no " formal " training in music, instead learning via experimentation and relying on a well developed ear, which I've honed over the years. This is not to say that I have no concept of music theory or harmony, in fact, I do. I've read and studied on my own extensively. It's just that I can't read or write notation, nor do I know of the more intricate details of music theory. Basically, if it sounds good, it is good, but making music that really sounds good is much easier said than done.

While I do have some mp3s recorded already, they're quite old, being recorded with old 4 trak cassette tape technology, and the audio fidelity on some of them is so poor that I am reluctant to even put them up here.
Of the two songs that were recorded with decent sound quality, one was encoded to mp3 with the horrible "xing" encoder, a mistake which I shall not make again! Suffice to say, the song sounds like it was recorded underwater, and immediately following that, the master tape was damaged. I may still be able to salvage it, but for now, only the "warbly" version remains.

Currently I'm in the process of building my studio in the basement of my house. It is my dream to setup a DAW based on SONAR 6 or 7 to begin recording a massive catalog of material I've written, and burn it to CD or encode as mp3 for distribution on this website.

Photo Archive of previous Bands and stuff